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How to make this effect in text?


I like the way the text colour is still strong even though there is a slight white inner shadow in the text, also the multiple layers of the text... How woudl I go about getting the multiple layers and also the thin white lines even around the text?

I can't seem to add a file to posts??? so I will post a link, the effect I am talking about is in the main title in the top left corner.


Also would anyone know what font might have been used here?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Andrew, to post a file you need to create a new post and go to the section that says Attach file:. Click on the browse... button, select the file that you need and click on open. You can't however edit an existing post to add a file; the options to attach a file will be unavailable.
Always remember that you can only add files to new posts or you can update an existing file in one of your posts.

Here's the logo you were talking about. At the moment I don't have a lot of time, so I or someone else will show you hopefully soon how this logo can be created in Photoshop.
I tried attaching the file but it did not work? I will try again now with this post...

The file is a JPG file and only 20.7kb
Hi Andrew, welcome aboard. :)

I too will try to get to this post hopefully later today -- it's 5:15am now.

But i CAN tell you that the entire look of that text is or can be done using nothing but the "Blend Options" - aka "Layer Effects".

Create some red text, then double-click the layer -- not on the thumbnail or the layer name.
Apply a very small amount of Bevel & Emboss (with no shadow colour), and also apply the Stroke filter (for the gradient border) and the Inner Glow filter (for the inner outline) with no blur used.

See if you can discover which other 'layer effects' are being used, until we can get back to this post.

Hope that helps for now. :)
aaa poop... i couldn't wait til later... hahaa aaaagh! Photoshop OWNS me!!! [confused]

Ok so here the effect i was talking about Andrew.
I've attached the PSD file to my reply after this one.

I was incorrect about one part... the larger outer gradient shape of the text should be done separate from the text itself. BUT... it too uses the "Layer Effects" to get it's look. PLUS... a quick swipe of a large soft airbrush is added for the highlight on this larger bg outline.

Keep in mind too that the style of font you use will change the look.

Just unzip and open the psd file. Then double-click the type layer... you'll see which effects filters i used.

PS: i'm thinking now that the original effect was created in a Vector program... perhaps Illustrator or Xara... or some other one. Just because of the specific was it's effects look, compared to Photoshop's -- unless of course that image was scaled down in size, which would explain the extra thin outlines. Anywho... :)
Here's the zipped PSD file now.

Any questions just ask.

AND... if anyone else has a method to this effect, please don't hesitate to add it ok. I'm not the only one that knows how to create this kind of effect i'm sure. :)
I think you did a good job Mark and I like the solution with the highlights. BTW, which font did you use?
Hi Mark,

That look sreally good... I have saved your zip file and will give my own try a go today, will post the results.
hahaa hey good call on the font Wendy! :perfect:
You're absolutely correct. And that's a great looking font to btw. Very specific look to it though... can't use it for just anything.

I don't recognize Andrew's example font either.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, glad ya like it. :)

PS: well i guess i could be owned by worse things couldn't i? hahaa :\ [honesty]