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Paid Image Creation from Symbol- Paypal $25

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Description: I am interested in taking a specific symbol and transforming it into the look of Aurora Borealis. An example would be the “OM” symbol or “SPIRAL” symbol but then it looks like it is in the sky like Aurora Borealis. See inspirational images- Image 1) How you can see that maybe you can make out the shape of maybe a bird or a baby in the womb but its not perfect (it has highs and lows, saturation for the outline, faint blended areas, glowing, its also organic and not exactly literal but still very obvious it’s the symbol. I would like the final product to be more obvious and not ambiguous but still have the mystery of being in the sky and capture Aurora. These other pictures show how it can be more obvious with saturation, glow, blending and weight. Image 2) One looks like almost a spiral over the mountains Image 3) Over the city you can make out distinctive lines but its glowing. Image 4: Its almost like it is shooting up powerfully off the lines. Anyone up for the challenge?

Symbol is attached last that I am trying to get to look like Aurora. If you need to find it - its the gratitude symbol. I want it tilted and at a perspective so its like its in the sky sort of like the last image. The part closest to you should be the top thick ring and then float/ spiral backward to end in the distance with the curly-q and dots. Dots can be vague and faded like gas bubbles in Aurora.

Deliverable: Outcome would be a free standing gratitude symbol that looks like aurora-- not in a a sky setting but almost like another symbol but glorified. I would need to have this in workable design file and would prefer the color version and gray scale version. Potential for more work on this if good job done.

TIMING: Would like in 1 week time frame


green aurora borelias.jpg

Aurora B in sky swirl.png



Gratitude Symbol.jpg

Screenshot 2024-03-13 204500.png


  • blue gratitude.pdf
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  • Gratitude Symbol- tilt with glow.pdf
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Hello, This is very nice and super creative but not exactly what we are looking for. I would love to give you a small amount of money for your time because I know this takes energy to do. Please message me so we can see how to go about this. Great job. Its very pretty just not what looking for.
TYSM, I send a message ;)
My Best
I'm late but I'm curious to know if this version meets your expectations
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