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Importing 4K video as layers then rendering back to 4K


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I'm making composite still images using frames from 4K (30fps) video. It works really well to import the video frames as layers and then manipulate the layers (opacity, hide some, etc.). I do this on photoshop because It helps to see them all together in darken blend mode. I'd like to be able to set the blend mode back to normal and render it back to a 4K video with no loss. Is that possible? I tried 'render' but the Adobe MediaEncoder was grayed out (PS 2018).
Does it just not handle 4K? Is there a better tool to do this? I'm basically wanting to 'onion skin' my whole video clip and then choose which frames to delete, change opacity, etc.


Hi Fredjoe99
It would help if you posted some screenshots of your issues.
When you create Layers from a video file, it should give you the option to also chose to have this in an animation timeline or not.
You either need to covert the animation timeline to a video timeline (it the drop down options in the upper right corner of Timeline window)
Once you get to the video timeline you should be able to render the video.

As far as to render with no loss, most video formats are lossy formats so anytime you open them up and then resave, you have some loss yet it should be minimal.

I may not understand your issue clearly enough though so if this is not helpful, just add a clarification post with screen shots and more forum members will be able to jump in to help.
John Wheeler