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Hello PGuru's: I am a starting Web Development Internet Marketer. My plan is to have a few to several For-Profit Websites in which a % of net profits from each For-Profit goes into a Non-Profit 501(c)(3). The Non-Profit is my dream and gem project, but will take some time in months/years to fully implement into a reality. It is the fundamental and primary "Purpose" at this time in my life. Also, Yoga plays an important major factor and is an integral dynamic aspect of my Self. Since I was very young (7 or so), my Father supported me in the Sciences and my Mother supported me in the Arts. I was very fortunate. I have 5 brothers & no sisters. From that very young age, I had an intense curiosity in all sorts of metaphysical and mysterious areas of life and the world we live in. I say this because I was so different compared to my 5 brothers, even though we were all raised in an identical family environment. I love what I do, but without the daily practice of the "Yoga's" that I have learned to establish in my life, I would be a complete mess & failure on many levels. Again, I am very fortunate.