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Great realism, p?tr??k. Hey on your other iPod image, the black and chrome version, you were very enthusiastic about CS2. What particularly have you found irresistable? I have yet to get it.
Well Welles, some of the great features in CS2 are: "Image Warp". When you transform a object you have the option of going to "warp mode" were you can just click and drag part of the image which ever way you like. (great for making book pages w/curlled edge) Also there are some great new filters like "noise reduction", oh yeah baby, I love this filter. Vanising Point is a great one for stamping out images w/ point of view, like wood panels in a floor or deck. You draw out a grid to keep the feild depth. Also there is "smart sharpen" and a few other blur filters. Oh, yeah.....one of my favorite upgrades is now when you drop down the font list, there is a preview of each of the fonts. (no more scrolling through fonts!) Two great new tools are the "red eye correction tool" and "spot healing brush"(for one click healing). You can also animate in PS, like in Image Ready. You can do more in 16-bit mode, like liquify, and some other stuff...... Also you can take muti-image RAW pics and merge them into 32-bit HDR (high dynamic range) document. Also there is Adobe Bridge! It's like file browser, except it's better, and you can open it up outside of PS. Anyways, for the whole shi-bang, go to http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/newfeatures.html
Also you can download the free trial at http://www.adobe.com/products/tryadobe/main.jsp#product=39
Have fun! :D
Thanks for the review, p?tr??k. I'm always inteested in hearing how other users view new releases. I'll pick up PS CS2 in the next few weeks but upgrading my Mac OS took priority.


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Really impressive work! If I knew half of the techniques you used it would be great...One comment though. I don't know how the cables are on the ipod but if you look at the spot where they turn they feel a little flat. Is it correct?

Yes, you are right about that Moltas. Also I noticed the reflection is missing from the cords too. I'm working on those flaws, but I decided to post it anyways. ;)
:perfect: :} :} :} Looks like the real deal, Sean! Again another great job!

Those mentioned features in CS2 sound pretty fun also.... :D