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Is it possible to make fonts in Photoshop CC?


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So I've created a variety of "code" symbols representing different letters using Photoshop. I would like to be able to type full words and sentences using these letters without having to cut and paste them together by hand for use as textures in various personal 3D art projects. Is this something that is doable? I am finding no useful results online other than "pay 80 bucks for an addon that might do this one thing you want."

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated


To my limited knowledge, you can use Photoshop to create vector or bitmap characters yet not build all the needed font files to use it so you can just just type text and have the symbols show up. I believe to the first order that would require extra software (such as build your own font software)
However, I am sure it is possible that a script could be written to parse out the characters of text and substitute images base on the characters. Depending on your needs it could be complicated (or note). If you don't mind typing the text, selecting it, and then running a script which would do the replacement (instead of just being there on the fly), someone could probably build a script to do that. Actually building a font would be a lot more flexible for scaling to different sizes etc.
Another forum member my have more accurate information.
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