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Specific Is it possible to merge this 2 to edit out the fingers?


I would like to request to merge the two pictures into one in order to be able to remove the fingers.
Is it possible to end up with the maximum image quality for the final edited picture too?

Thank you very much!




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Hello there Teklis!
Unfortunately there is not quite enough image data here to get the full card. When I aligned the two in Photoshop, there was a portion which was not visible in either photo.
Normally the solution would be to take another portion of the card's edge and just copy/paste it to fill the missing area, but this looks like it's for collection purposes, so I think having the original exact detail of that area would be important here.
If you'd like one of us to try it anyway, let us know, but keep in mind that this area will not look the same as it does in the original card.
It would be wise to retake the photo if possible.
You are correct. I am attaching a third picture with the remaining portion left. The image is smaller, but hopefully it will help :)



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That photo already has almost all of the card in it. One way to do it would be to simply add the small corner bit from one of the other photos onto this one.
The lighting difference in these photos makes them a bit difficult to work with. This is the best I could get.


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Interesting. How did you do that?
It appears the top of the X is missing in XCEED, though.
Interesting. How did you do that?
It appears the top of the X is missing in XCEED, though.
Good catch on the X. I am including a fix version without that masking mistake.

Since the resolution was both resolution and a photograph of a card, I used the the first step that often helps --- start with a better image. So found an image to start from of the actual statue (looks a bit different than the card), erased the original character from the card along with fingers, salvaged the outline of the original card transformed to be square, did some content aware fill and stamp tool cloning (some heal tool as well) to create a consistent background, overlayed the new picture and masked out the surround parts of the new image as the statue of the character was being held by a person with an orange shirt.

Then - since it was still too small in resolution I used Topaz Gigapixel AI to enlarge.
Just a fun exercise to try out.
John Wheeler


Here was the image of the substituted character still at lower resolution.