Learn How To Add Your Face To An Other Body In Photoshop.

In this tutorial you will learn the technique to add your face to another body using photoshop.

Step 1: Open The Image And Select The Face By Using Lasso Tool, Copy The Selected Area Then Paste Onto The Other Image Of Which We Want To Change The Face.

Step 2: Select The Pasted Face And Hit The Ctrl+shift Key, Adjust The Face To The Size Of The Other Body's Face.

Step 3: Set The Face Onto The Body, In The Layer Menu Click Onto New Layer Adjustment, Click Onto Curves Layer And Set The Curves And Afterward, Again In The Layer Menu Click Onto The Color Adjustments, Then Set The Required Color Balance. Then One More Time In The Layer Menu, Layer Adjustments, Click Hue And Saturation.

Step 4: Use The Gradient Tool To Give The Shadow To The Image.

To see the video of this tutorial click on the this link Add Your Face To An Other Body In Photoshop