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Looking for help creating a gif overlay

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I was looking for some help on how to create a gif effect in Photoshop. View my gif below to see what I mean and then take a look at the article below that to understand what I'm trying to achieve.

I already know how to do an overlay but the problem I'm running into is how to get all of the baseballs to stay highlighted in each layer.

My gif- https://gfycat.com/unsungimpracticalangelwingmussel
Article w ideal gif- https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2013/4/25/4265286/five-yu-darvish-pitches-gif-texas-rangers

Not expecting a how-to (though it would be nice) but just a suggestion on how to create the effect. Any feedback is appreciated.
Hi Augustine
Any chance you could link the post or link the actual GIF file (i.e. GIF format)?
Would probably help diagnose how to supplement your work to get what you want.
Just a suggestion
John Wheeler
Which one? The 'my gif' is attached below.
The baseballs start to fade the closer they get to the catcher. I want to keep them the same intensity.

The gif I want to make mine look like. Notice how the baseballs in this are still very visible despite the other layers being transparent? If you want me to explain more, I can



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Hello! Michael,
Welcome to PhotoshopGurus.

Easiest way to get the balls to stay highlighted in each layer is to separate all balls (and players) on different layers.
Than only reduce the opacity of layers containing players. while keeping balls layers to 100%.

And also i think you need to reduce the opacity of players more while keeping only one shot to 100% to highlight it.
you can see how players are highlighted in only one shot and all other shots are shadowed.

this is what they did in the original one. look at the catchers left leg how balls disappears suddenly
i think it is because there main layer was on top of all other layers.

And last thing i noticed is the speed, i think it will be batter if you slow it down a bit like it is in the original.
OK, so is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do that? I'm not 100% sure what you mean by separate the layers. I understand everything else you describe.

What I do is I open the clips I want to overlay individually, and once I've pasted each one over the main layer, I group each clip individually and apply a 'lighten' filter to each group (except for the top layer- pass through). Hopefully, that sheds some light for you?


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I group each clip individually and apply a 'lighten' filter to each group (except for the top layer- pass through)
You are already doing it right, just do the same thing with the balls.
create a different group and delete/mask out the players in all clips but only keep the balls visible.
and do the same thing i've quoted.
im sorry i dont work with AE so i dont know the correct terms.