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Specific Make this character evil?


I'm looking to make this character look evil and menacing.
This is for a d&d adventure i'm writing, for personal use only.

I'm thinking red eyes, shadowed eyebrows, i don't really know.
Maybe he could have a broken, ruined cowboy hat, but that's not really necessary (i suppose it's much more complicated to do)

For reference, i also included a modification years ago of him, when he was a hero. This is the picture with the hat.
The idea is that, a hundred years later, he's turned evil and is now an antagonist.
I've picked the best image i could find of him that could maybe be easily modified, but any picture of "Sonny" from "I, robot" is fine.



I did also post this request elsewhere, and another user has completed the request.
I didn't want to have someone else use their time on a completed request, so i posted that message
I wanted to delete the thread, but it wasn't possible anymore