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Making Pattern Thumbs bigger in layers panel and managing patterns


I have two questions. When I go to change a pattern in the layers panel I double click the pattern and the pattern choices come up. I would like to know if there is some way to make those thumbs bigger as it can be hard to tell some patterns from another at the size they are. I have them plenty big in the Patterns panel, but just need to see if there is a way to change them in the patterns popup in layers panel.

Also, does having a lot of patterns slow down the loading of Photoshop? I have at least 1,000 patterns and am always adding more. All from 3600x3600 300dpi images. Photoshop has become quite slow at loading and I was wondering if this was my problem. Fine once loaded.

Hii @Jillkm

The only way I know how to preview the pattern thumbnails any larger are
- If in the Layer Panel proper, increase the Tumbnail size in the Panel Options dropdown in upper right corner of the Layer Panel
- When opening a pattern for viewing whether from a Layer Style Pattern Overlay, or a Pattern Layer, or in the Patterns Panel is to use the gear icon and choose just Large thumbnail (with no text). They still are pretty small depending on the resolution of your screen and screen settings.
The other way is to view just the Pattern Layer proper by itsefl Opt+click Layer Visibility icon and open up the panels and watch the pattern dynamically change on the single Layer. To go back to the normal Layers visibility you just Opt+Click Layer Visibility icon.

I don't know of another way yet if someone knows one, I want to know too.

In regards to loading speed that many patterns of that size could certainly loading time. To put it in perspective that many RGB color pattern of that size is ~39 Gbytes of storage just by itself (Assuming PS does not compress the patterns yet even if it did then it probably uncompresses them at load time). That will have to be loaded from your Hard Drive along with any other types of presets and PS software.
You can test if this is the issue by selecting and saving all your patterns to a separate file, delete the patterns from PS, trying reloading PS and check the speed compared to with the Patterns loading. Of course you can import all your patterns back in.

I am not the Pattern expert and PS speed impacts yet thought I would share what I know.
John Wheeler
Looks like there really isn't a way, using the popup in the layers panel. I may just drag using the patterns panel as the thumbs are bigger there.

Problem these days is that monitor resolution is so high, that the thumbs look smaller and smaller. Adobe may have to consider adding a choice for even a bigger thumb.