More OOB Questions ?

I love this whole thing. I have followed the contest...Ali still blows me away!! So chitkaren started it up and I too have played. I have the picture frame deal down well with a made background layer.

What I cannot get into my thick head is how to have things pop out of a TV or window? :banghead::banghead:

Here are a few frame ups.....

any help is always needed..let er rip! :yourock::yourock::yourock:


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Hey Mike, I would say that you definitely have a grasp on the OOB effect.

The first one is not working for me as an OOB. I like the image though!
The second is great. Needs a shadow! (on the edge of and outside the frame)
The third is a fantastic OOB, just needs a different background and shadow.
You have some ghosting in the areas I circled:

pitcher_oob copy.jpg

Here's a TV OOB on YT that might help.
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Thanks Sam.... The first one was a OOPS....I posted the wrong Image...The truck was a leftover..I thought it was gone..this was what I THOUGHT I posted...:banghead:



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This TV OOB is very well done! Great idea with plenty of directions in which to expand on the concept. Maybe just a little too much of the room though, try tightening up your shot/view.

I like this because I think the Photo frame OOB's are far to common.

I agree with Clare, the Pen Tool is the only way your ever going to get the clean edges required for this type of effect.
Thanks folks....The pen tool will make a huge difference for me...once I get it down...I do agree that it should be tighter...more Playin!! I know the front tire on the beemer would of made a big difference with the pentool