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Motion Blur Repair (Shake)



I would like if you can tell me how to repair attached image? Use something like sharpener, remove motion blur.


Thank you for fast reply and help!

I guess for my purposes will be enough use just part of image. I need examine right bottom corner if it is pillow or ghost (my GF took this picture and she claims me that shadow is not just pillow), see screenshots below to understand. Could you please try repair just this photo to see what is it? Or can you tell us what she captured please?

Thank you!
Hi @Johngog /Jan

What you are seeing is just on the bed not far from the camera. Any ghostly artifact is just from the camera instability creating streaks, blur, and a partial double exposure with a good amount of shift. Pretty hard to get a good picture with the shutter speed was at 1/15 sec.
John Wheeler

Thank you for explanation. I do not know why, but I cannot see here images which I uploaded. Did you attach any modified picture? I cannot see nothing. Let me try it again:

2 – kopie.jpg



The pictures did show up and will get back to you on my thoughts yet could you point to what you see as a ghost in a picture or two. I know the human mind is pretty good at not seeing things that are there and also seeing things that are not there (or are perceived to be there). My eye/brain has not locked on to anything that looks like a ghost (human shape/features) so pointers would help.
John Wheeler
Got a couple minutes to respond
First, I saw 4 or 5 shapes in the image that looked like facial features yet none lined up with the ones you showed. I believe your mind sees what it wants to see very similar to finding animal shapes in cloud patterns (and everyone sees a different animal.

Note that the lower right corner could not be recovered with any shake reduction software that I had available. The pattern of the shake was both very severe in distance and in pattern (also non linear in direction and time). So that did not help.

However, I wanted to point out that the follow up images that you provided will not help either. The right picture is the original and I circled in the lower right corner what appears to be some flat appearing material (albums?) right below maybe a turntable. I also circled the same location on the left image. The problem with the left image is that the shadows mark along the wall where the flash from the camera is blocked by pillow etc. Note that the shadow is considerable above the albums meaning the picture from the present camera location could not take an image of the albums and either the camera would have to be substantially higher or the obstructions (i.e the pillows and other objects) would have to have been in a different position or the camera to catch the albums as they did in the right picture.

Without any other information I have to conclude that items have been moved to different positions between the two images and I can certainly see pillows making the shapes shown on the right image (which apparently did not have a flash from the camera btw).

The effective double exposure and sliding blur also lends to having symmetry in the image which lends itself to the eye/brain being pre-configured to recognize faces with bare minimum of information.

If you want to believe in ghosts, I could draw 4 or 5 more faces in the picture yet for me its the power of ones belief that is making one see something that is not really there

John Wheeler


Thank for reply. At the start, pictures attached here are from same day (we got feeling like apartment is haunted, that is why we bought camera into living room). It means how you can see pillows and other object is exactly same how it was during taking "blurry" photo.

I think best way how you understand is watch recording from camera, original blurry photo you got. It has 46 seconds, 8 MB.

In 12s is taken blurry photo, please download it (mp4):

Let me know what do you think,
Hi @Johngog and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

Won't be able to work on this after this last response yet no where on the video can I get an image such as the one on the right side below

Note that on your original ghost image on the right, I have circle in yellow an area where the shadows below and to the right of the objects, yet the shadows on the left image (also circled in yellow) and the video have shadows going up and to the left. To me that indicates the images were taken at different times and the scene and position of elements are in question.

With shadows being cast in the opposite direction of your original picture, I can find no explanation that makes any sense cannot use the video or the stills of it as a frame of reference.
So I have come to the conclusion that I cannot help any further than the information I already provided.

Happy ghost hunting :)
John Wheeler

For me, the exif dates and the following statement are the most unusual thing about the whole thing...

Date / Time Original: 2018: 02:22 03:30:21
Create Date: 2018: 02:22 03:30:21

Software: Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer 6.1.7600.16385
Modify Date: 2018: 03: 05 08:04:12

my GF took this picture and she claims me that shadow is not just pillow

Does she still remember that after 2 1/2 years?
@[ iLLuSioN ]
I did not want to go so deep, just wanted to know if there is any possibility to "repair" part of picture to see what is it. I can share you more of our story, we moved from that apartment because we think it is haunted. We saw terrifying, heard footsteps coming from window to us (like sweaty feet) and more. We think that once we move to another apartment it will stop. Opposite is true. It started last month again (not sure what exactly is it, aliens, ghosts - we have no idea). Then we started to watching recordings /photo from that nights and he we are. I think it is not important if there is no possibility to recover this photo to have any evidence that some ghost/alien was captured. Even this story (it is more deeper than just what I wrote here) do not fits on this forum - it sounds crazy.

Did you watch the recordings / photo? What do think that was captured? Pillow, any ghost/alien head? It loots like strange.

I wish you great xmas time!

If you want, you can check this photo (also from recording, moment of camera flash on cabinet (creepy almond eyes):

EDITED_HEAD – kopie – kopie (2).jpg

EDITED_HEAD – kopie – kopie.jpg

this is quite similar what is on blurry photo:

06 - kopie - kopie.png

06 - kopie - kopie - kopie.png
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