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My first poster design

I like the design and layout a lot. The poster contains elements from several different types of art, while at the same time it's very clean and uncluttered.

I'm not sure if this is intended to promote just the gallery itself, or if it's for a specific event. If the latter, then my only criticism is that the poster lacks any information on what the show is about. If I actually saw this poster displayed somewhere, I'm not sure whether it would entice me to attend due to lack of information. I grabbed a couple of old museum posters as examples:


Here is my take, the poster looks clean and the minimalist touch looks good.
Given the poster's vibe, the text at the bottom looks a bit plain, and the font feels a bit off when looking at the whole picture.
If you check out @Rich54 examples, you'll get a better sense of the overall aesthetic of the poster, the fonts used, and the intended vibe. Just my floating thoughts!
I will through my thoughts in as well.
When I first saw your image, I thought it was great and I still do.
However, when I thought about the overall objective, it is to attract people to the art exhibit.
So one way to get some more direct feeback is share a few versions with potential folks that you are trying to attract to the exhibit and see what catches their eye.
Another angle would be if you have several different marketing channels (e.g. posters or local news, or over internet, you could always have more than one design one each in the different channels as not one image will be appealing to all.
Just some quick thoughts
John Wheeler
Amazing work, everything is on its place. In my opinion it would be better if you make something like reflection on the statue, but it still looks amazing. Keep going, you have talent!