My first restore job


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Firstly welcome to the site, secondly very nice retouching.
One critique, i would have put a colour filter over it rather than left it flat black and grey, some of the saturation levels need a tweak where the brides flowers are on top of the groom.
But that said well done nice work.


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thanks for the tipp, i'm still playing a little around with this one :D
i'm not quite happy with bottom either. cropping would be too easy, even though the picture is taller than usual.
What are those white dots on the bride face for anyways ? Are they supposed to be there as in the old pic too, or is it just the reflection of overhead lights maybe ?
Are there supposed to be white dots on the bride's face? Or can you try and cover those over with the clone stamp?

I was thinking that, and as Paul suggests add a warming filter or similar. Also maybe a slight gausian blur to as it seems a little over sharpened for me. I like the defused, softer look of the original. Other than that, good Job buddy :thumbsup:


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yup, those spots are supposed to be there, they'd be easy to be done with.
fixed the saturation, the flowers on the right are much clearer now, great of you noticing.
also put a LBA at 20% over it, and blended a bokeh layer into with about 15%.
looks much more dreamy now XD

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