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Need help with Photomerge settings

Hi all, new member here. I have been facing with this issue for a while and do not know how to fix it. I have issue with the Photomerge where Photoshop somehow changed the exposure. I locked in my exposure when I took the panorama images but I do not know if I have accidentally change some settings that may have caused Photoshop to adjust the exposure? I tried to merge with RAW and .jpg and both giving the same issue. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.



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Hello and welcome to PSG.

I'm not that familiar with photomerge as I simply have no use for it. But what I can tell you is that Ps should have taken all the images and blended them seamlessly without you having to adjust any exposures. There's really nothing you change in the algorithm's interface that would affect the exposure. The varying exposures are handled by Ps.

Have you been trying to adjust the exposures before you run photomerge? If so, don't. If your not, I would try resetting Ps preferences and trying again.
I'm familiar with photomerge.
Why don't you post the two images, so members could try to merge them, and hopefully solve your problem, or give you guidance to do it yourself.


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I don't want to say you didn't lock exposure, but depending on the camera, if you didn't lock the focus and had metering set to spot (or anything else) when you go to focus on the second image your camera may take a new meter reading and thus adjust exposure? Once again, I don't think this had happened if you did lock exposure, but sometimes I've had cameras cross me :p if not everything is locked down (including focus set to manual)