New Artwork

i like the twisted sky scrapers, looks realy nice
but im not surea about the streetlights and trees.
It does look like it need a cover up like that on the horizon, but im not sure if the street lights are the right thing for that.
Thanx .

Not quite sure what you mean about a cover up ?.. Your meant to get the impression that not everything is right, not as it should be, somethings missing or not there ... that's why its called quirky.

I'm thinking that you mean the area where the lamps meet the horizon ?... i was thinking of some fog across the front at the horizon area.. but didn't think it would fit..


Staff member
Inky, it's perfect! Don't touch it!

It's also just the right amount of dark! LOL!!!
Thanks IamSam..

I think part of my problem sometimes is that i try to accommodate everybody's comments, most of the time they are right but some times i wonder if i should make changes or not.. I think it's in the eye of the person looking at it and their way of seeing it and each individual has their own view on it...

I believe all comments are welcome and never really take offence to anything as i see all comments as a positive to help improve so i am thankful for all, but sometimes its good to see some one say that's OK.

Thank you.

Notice my spelling getting better... GOT A SPELL CHECKER . Although a can not use it when on the works lap top, so my have a relapse some times.
Sometimes I struggle with wanting to please everyone and fit in their suggestions as well. In the end, their opinion is just as valid as yours, so if they make a suggestion and you think, "Hm.. I think my way looks a bit better", it's all good in the end! Do whatever pleases you as it's your art work and your vision!