New here and need some help.

I have installed Photoshop CS6 on a new computer i7 with Windows 8. When I open a photo in Photoshop and try to crop it, there is an intermittent black background that comes in front on the whole photo at each click of the mouse and you can't really see what you are doing, anyone has come across that kind of problem? Thanks.


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I have CS6 and I don't see what y'all are talking about? When I activate the crop tool. all I see are the handles at the border of the photo. Please explain.

a bit late reply but i suppose ,its better late than never

its a feature in photoshop.jus to high light the cropped area..its not a bug/issue
When you click the crop tool, reduce the opacity to 50% or lower and you should be able to see the image underneath the black color
When you use the crop tool, you should only see the black overlay outside of crop boundaries. It is possible that you have size setting on the crop tool that then choose only that area. If you zoom out so that you see beyond the image on your workspace, you can drag the croptool from one corner of the image to the other and it should reveal the entire img with the handles on the corners/edges. If this isn't happening, you either have a size set, need to reset your preferences, or some other weirdness. In any event, I would suggest closing PS and reopening and see if the problem persists. You might as a last resort need to reinstall the software. Hopefully it is more simple than that. Check the tool menu for the crop tool at the top and see if any boxes have constricting settings in them first.



set to crop on left:
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