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Hello PS Experts,

I´m a photographer actually, not an advanced PS user. I reach out to you today in order to find out about a particular technique I want to use to up my game on images editing a little bit.

As an example, see the attachment. We see a real photo of three actors, but in the editing, they look cartoonized or drawn. Now there´s millions of tutorials on how to cartoonize photos, but they all look lame. It seems the technique I´m looking is not "cartoonize" or "drawing".

Long story short, I need to edit my models´ photos so they look like this very realistic and atonishing wallpaper. I just need an expression or the technique name to look for tutorials myself.

Thank you all guys in advance for the answers!

I struggle to see the cartoonish effect on the actors I search for the original picture to see if I missed something, I couldn't find it, only better resolutions png's and montages, but I found this one that seems to be from the same set, and I don't see any cartoonish effect either the only differences is that is more saturated and the image has a lot less quality, maybe the guy who did the montage get rid of the noise that the original picture have, That could make the impression of a little bit more cartoonish.

I took the original and reduced drastically (overexaggerate) the noise to make it look more cartoonish as an example, is this what are you going for?


5807011-batman-v-superman-wallpaper-016 (1).jpg

5807011-batman-v-superman-wallpaper-016 (1)f.jpg
Hey Argos, thanks for your reply. In both images you´ve posted, the actors don´t look flat as in a raw photo just off the camera. They look like a very realistic drawing, that´s what I´m going for. Perhaps it´s contrast, messing up with shadows a little bit, I don´t know.

I´ve made some tests reducing noise of some stock images I have, but I didn´t see any change in it.
Well, I'm sure they used a big set of illumination and plenty of photoshop to make those pictures.;) It's hard to tell you something concrete because as I said I don't see any drawing effect, just good quality photos with excellent illumination
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the plastic/drawing effect of this noise reduction is from "camera raw filer": details- noise reduction,-luminance? not sure how is named in English version XD.

Btw: if you want to do in a raw a similar look I assure you it's not done with one technique, as usual, it's a combination of a lot of techniques and as you said touching up the contrast, colors, lights, etc etc.
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Yes, it´s luminance. I took a look at it, but it quite doesn´t do the trick. The "plastic" expression is what I was looking for. Maybe I´ll start from there.
I forgot to say that one technique that makes it look kinda drawing is the well know "dodge and burn", it's used a lot on movie posters, but it requires a lot of patience, practice and restrain or it would look like the bad movies
Visual example XD.