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No link on PDF


New Member
I watched a few tutorials and adding hyperlinks to text for a PDF document seemed simple enough, however, mine seems to not be working.

I followed the instructions exactly: use slice tool to highlight text, add the URL, then save by going to automate> PDF presentation.

When I open the saved PDF, there is no clickable link.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

Hi @Shyani
It would help to have screen shots of your step by step process. Without that, it is hard to see if a step was missed.
e.g. did you clock the "Add Open Files" in the PDF Presentation panel?
Hard to know the specifc problem you are having yet here is a linlk to the step by steps which should match what you have already seen:
How to Insert Clicable hyperlink in a PDF document with Photoshop

Hope this helps
John Wheeler