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Object printing dark grey in photoshop..not deep black.

I have a vector smart object I'm trying to print in photoshop. It's C-75 M-68 Y-67 K-90, which I was under the impression is "True Black." However when I print it it still comes out dark dark grey not black. When I print the same thing in Illustrator or Affinity designer it comes out as true black.

What am I missing?
Hi Nelly
This seems to be a Color Management problem or soft proofing issue.
You have provided a dearth of information about what you have checked out on your own.
For each application
Which Color mode?
Which Color space for the image (have you verified once moving into the applications)?
Which printer and printer paper and ICC profile used when printing
Is the print workflow color managed
Is soft proofing on in PS or others?
Settings on soft proofing
etc etc
Note that when simulating prnting to a basic CMYK process and paper those color numbers come out as dark gray when soft proofed.
Hope this helps as a starting point. These color management basics are key to solving all sorts of color matching issues.
John Wheeler