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Paid Package insert that needs art and copy #1 $50

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-The art and copy will be on the paper sleeve that inserts inside the vinyl package.
-The paper sleeve will wrap over the top and under the bottom of the product inside the vinyl package. (as seen in picture)
-The backside of the paper sleeve will have the text (where it reads "TEXT") the text and art to be installed will be sent to the recipient of this job upon agreement.
-The dashed line at the "TOP" and "BOTTOM" of the paper sleeve is where the paper sleeve will fold over the same way to the front side facing out.
-The art will be placed on the section that is above the "TOP" dashed line and below the "BOTTOM" dashed line where it reads "THIS SIDE UP" with the big arrows.
-The orientation of the art on this part of the paper sleeve needs to follow the orientation of "THIS SIDE UP" and the big arrows. When done correctly the big arrows will both point up and "THIS SIDE UP" will be upright when folded over to the front side to face out.
-All text and arrows in the pdf file are for description only and not to be seen on the finished product.
- All art needs a 5mm bleed.

Thank you for considering. Talk with you soon.



  • package-art.pdf
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  • CTF sampler.pdf
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In this case, @Aakshat has replied at my prompting. Please try to do better! Thanks.
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