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Path editing shortcuts



Shortcuts: Path Editing

Select multiple anchor points - Using direct selection, hold down S and click on each anchor point you wish to select
Select entire path - Hold down Alt then click on path using direct selection.
Duplicate path - Hold down Alt & Ctrl then drag the chosen path using pen
Switch from Pen, Add Anchor, Delete Anchor Point to Direct Selection - Ctrl
Switch from Direct Selection to Duplicate Selection - Alt
Switch from Add Anchor Point to Subtract Anchor Point - Alt
Switch from Direct Selection to Convert Point - Alt & Ctrl (Only when pointer is over anchor or direction point)
Switch from Pen to Convert Point - Alt
Close path (while using Magnetic Pen) - Double click
Close path using straight line segment (while using Magnetic Pen) - Hold down Alt and double click
Delete last point (while using Magnetic Pen) - Backspace
Convert path to selection - Any pen tool and Enter (on numeric keypad)
Switch from Magnetic Pen to Freeform Pen - Alt & drag
Switch from Magnetic Pen to Pen - Alt & Click