Photoshop CS5 and iPhone 5 problem

Just got my new iPhone 5 yesterday and I was taking some photographs today to try out the camera. When I tried to load them into Photoshop CS5 on my laptop I could only do it one at a time. With my last phone I was able to select 20, 30 or whatever photos in my camera and upload them all. Am I missing something here? I was doing what I always did with my Samsung 480. I connected the phone to the laptop then with Photoshop CS open I clicked open and looked for the phone in my computer. Then opened the folder to see the photos I had taken. In this case there were 6 photos which I selected to open in Photoshop but was told that I couldn't open multiple selections and to select one photo. At that rate If I was out and had taken 40 or so photos I would be there all day. There has to be an easy way to transfer them to my computer.I have tried File, Import, but the iPhone doesn't appear here when connected to the laptop. If someone can tell me the best way to select my photos and download them to Photoshop I would be most grateful.
I have used Apple products ever since Apple I've never used PC so I don't know I think when you plug in your phone iTunes should come up and it has the window asking what photo application you want to use
Go to Apple discussions forum Ask there will be an answer for you in minutes