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[Photoshop for the Web] Section Rules - READ THIS FIRST

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Photoshop for the Web

Forum Posting Guidelines for This Section

This section is for posting anything related to Adobe Photoshop and Web Design. You can ask questions about how to make web graphics, or about integrating web graphics and photos into web pages.

If you have seen a web page on the Internet and you want to know how the graphics were made, take a screenshot of the web page and post the image here instead of a link, because the web site might change after you post the link.

There is a separate section for Adobe Dreamwever, you can find it here.

If you are posting a question or asking for help, please be as specific as possible and try to include an example image if applicable. If you need help posting an image, click here. There are a lot of knowledgeable members who can offer you help, please try to make it easy for them. Please also read this post before posting a question or asking for help.

This is not the place to post questions about how to use this web site or for comments about Photoshop Gurus forum features, please post them in the Forum Help section.

The above rules apply to this section of the forum only, general Site Rules can be found here.
Not open for further replies.