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Photoshop performance, is it normal?


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So im started using Photoshop couple weeks ago on my very high-end gaming PC (check specs below).

However i have very sluggish,laggy experience with Photoshop on my machine. It gets worse with more layers i have. But even with just couple layers doesn feel really smooth as i think it should be. I wont even talk about masking section when i make layer mask, it can be VERY laggy.

Im usually working with about 2500x3000 images. But that shouldn't be problem on my machine, right?

Ive tried changing preferences many times, making more ram available for PS and so on, nothing really helped. Also i was trying to uninstall couple times, still same performance. Also i am using paid version ( not cracked pr something). I pay monthly for Lightroom and PS.

I dont know, maybe this is normal for Photoshop, maybe it isnt really smooth software as i thought it may be. But when people say on youtube they were using 160+ layers , thats mind-blowing. Im pretty sure my PS would choke on that many layers.

Here is my specs:
16GB Ram memory
RTX 2080 Graphic Card
i7 6700 Processor
SSD 4x 500GB

(Photoshop installed on SSD and atleast 100GB free of space)

Also i want to mention that my PC performance in games and overall is very good.

Thanks in advance!