Photoshop request! Urgent!

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Hi, I was wondering if someone would be able to design me a logo. Preferably for free, but I will pay if needed. I need the logo to say ' Big Mac ' and be music themed. Thank you.
bigmac, I'll let the members weigh in on whether they think this is the kind of job that should go freelance (sometimes you can't tell till you get working on it and start to get feedback), but in the meantime, it can stay here.
Just keeping at it I guess. Try something different and lots of experimenting too. It does come with practise. Will pm you the final image. Glad you like too :D
PM sent with larger image.

No charge this time too.

Clare, upto you if you'd like to close this honey if the OP is happy with the logo which I believe he is :thumbsup:
Not open for further replies.