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Photoshop Saves PDF differently as shown?


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Whoa, new layout Photoshop Gurus! How long have I not been here? Haha love it, so fancy. :thumbsup::cheesygrin:

That aside, to get back ON topic. I need some help please. I went to a printing website to purchase a gift voucher, added my design and saw that the text in my design came out weird. Just the main text (I'll post a picture below). Then I checked the PDF and it seemed the problem came from there. Then I rewrote the text on a new Type Layer, same issue. Even make a completely new Project and then added the text again, also same problem.

It just keeps showing up like this:

And the rest of the design is completely fine. It is just that one text.

What do I do to fix it or better yet, what did I do to cause this? :shocked: Yelp. Haha


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But does flatterning the image still hold on to the vector I need for printing? Thanks for the advice though! I just really couldn't figure out what went wrong with it. I'll check out the link too!