Placing two or more images side by side.

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Welcome aboard maclochlainn! :) Nice of you to join us!

Re your question... open both your images and drag one onto the other.
It will be added as a separate layer. Resize your canvas to accommodate both images and then use your "move" tool to put them both in place. ;)
Wendy is right. I hope you don't mind my specifying a bit...

I first open both images in Photoshop, and then I check whether they are both the size I want. If not I adapt. (check whether both are at the same % also).

Then I Look at the one I want to add to the other and decide whether it has to be beside, above or under (vertical) of the other. I also note its dimensions in File Menu>Image Size. If I want it beside the other one, the width is important. When they have to be vertically arranged it's the height that I note.

I go back to the other image and choose Image>Canvas size, and enter either the width or the height in the appropriate box so as to make the canvas wider or higher. Then I go to the square with the arrows and click on the arrow where the image I'm now working with should be. Example: if I want the other pic on the left, I click the arrow on the right, pointing to the left, so that what I add will be added on the left. Click OK.

Now I see that I can see both images in the workspace (In Winwdows the middle icon top right), take the Arrow tool (top right in the toolbox) , click on the image I want to import and drag it unto the other one with the extra space. It will open on a new layer as you can see in the Layers palette.

Like Wendy wrote, you now can drag this image-on-the-layer on the empty space that you prepared for it. You can also nudge with Ctrl+arrows on your keyboard.

When it is perfectly placed, you can now click on the right pointing arrow/triangle at the top-right of the layers palette and choose Flatten Image. If it's for the web, you can save for web and choose jpg or gif.
Re two images on one page.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I still cannot do it. When I open one image by going to file-open. I get the image ok. When I open the other image it does not appear on the same workspace but on a different one. Bacically I cannot get both images on the same workspace. Any ideas please. By the way the images are JPG maybe they have to be PDF.
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Okay... to make it easier, maclochlainn . Open both your images and check out their sizes (minimize their windows) and create a new file to incorporate both of them. From there... drag or copy the images to your new file. ;) If you need further assistance via a graphical pictorial, I will be more than happy to supply same. Let me know! :)
[innocent] Oops! I missed your detailed explanation Erik before I posted.
Inserting two images onto workspace.

I open new workspace. I open two images, drag them onto workspace and place one on top of the other. No matter what I do next they dissapear. Please what do I do next. I can do this job very easily on Word or even in Dreamweaver just by inserting the images using Insert-Image. Why is it so difficult in Photoshop. Sorry for taking so much of your time.
It seems to me that there's something wrong with your version of Photoshop. How hard I think, I can't come up with any reason why anything would disappear when you drag one image to the workspace of the other [confused]
just a thought but both images are jpgs aren't they.......... like one is not an index and one a jpeg?
maclochlainn, maybe you're not seeing the images because the "eye" icon on the layers palette isn't turned on? [confused]

Refer to Gaussian's pictorial for a good graphical of how to add new photos to a new document. And then refer to mine here to make sure that your layers aren't "turned off" (hidden from view).

Clicking on the "eye icon" will turn the individual layer ON or OFF. ;)
Right then.

1/ Open the first image in Photoshop and go to Image>Image size. Write down the size.
2/ Press Ctrl+A to select it
Press Ctrl.C to copy it to the clipboard
Press Ctrl+D to deselect it

3/ Now open the second one
4/ Go to Image>Canvas size and add the number of pixels that you wrote down. See my previous post as to where.

5/ Now press Ctrl+V to paste the contents of the clipboard to a new layer.
This happens automatically, and automatically the layer is selected, so you can drag or nudge as described above. Flatten if you want to save as jpg or gif for the web. (see above).

Should you be on mac, then read Cmd for Ctrl.
When you drag, make sure you have the Move tool selected (Press the shortcut V). Wait until you see some feedback in the new image before letting go (it's a box, not the size of the image you're dragging).

I assume the dragged image is just one background layer? If it's several layers, and you want the whole thing, be sure you link all layers before you drag.


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Welcome to the board Machlochlainn, have never had to do this, but some wonderful advice here. Will make a note for future reference.
Re. Moving images onto a new workspace.

I have finally done it. My problem was that I was dragging the images by the blue top border where the image title was, rather than dragging from within the image itself. Many thanks to all who helped me. wbiss, gaussian, sfm and erik. Thanks leejune for your welcome. The result of my labours is attached. Thanks again.
James MacLochlainn
Great. I'm happy for you. I remember that I had a hard time with this one too...I wanted to make symmetrical images, and in Corel Photopaint, there's a special tool for that. In PS I was left on my own. Ahhh...before I found out that if you choose Image>Rotate>Flip Horizontal flips the whole image, and that Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal only flips the layer...and that the countenance of the layer has to be selected before you can transform it...yet everytime something works, you gain confidence, and after a while, you don't understand how it ever was possible that you couldn't ride that bike...
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