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Specific Please help to fix the sky colour


I have stitched three handheld photos but after making a panorama I can see the sky colour is not right in the middle picture. If anybody can help me to fix the same and advise what is the best way to fix then I would appreciate.




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Something like this?
(This is an example for the upload to our forum and it is not full size)

MC3 PSG reduced.jpg

If this is what you wanted here's the link to Dropbox with the full size image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymk0ou8empzg7kl/MC3 redo sky.jpg?dl=0

Here's how

MC3 how to.jpg

This is one of the many ways to do the job:
- add a new layer and apply a gradient using the lightest blue from the original sky and the darkest normal blue part. Reduce the opacity to 90 %.
- add a layer mask and with a big soft brush remove the lower part until just above the horizon.
(keep in mind that the sky is mostly paler near the horizon)
- make a snapshot (shift+ctrl+alt+E) and use the dodge tool at 15 % to lighten up the clouds you want in several runs.

Another way would be to replace the existing sky with another suitable one.