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Please help with font

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I'm very new to photoshop so my question may be pretty simple but I haven't had any luck anywhere else, so I'd appreciate any help I can get. I'm trying to create a logo for my new business. I had someone else help me with it but their computer has since crashed and all info they had is gone. How do I make the font sharper for printing? Does anyone know what this font is? And if I find a font on a website, how do I use it once its downloaded? Thanks for any help!!

I can't fully answer your question. The font looks kinda art deco I think...you should be able to find it or something very similar in a font website. Just do a search using "fonts". Then depending on your platform...PC go to My Computer/Controll Panel/Fonts and add it there or Mac...go to your system icon/Fonts...etc. hope that helps, hope that's correct :D I'm somewhat new myself, but you will find lots of help on these boards.
Hi Jaklen. Hope I got it right, Sorry I can't make out your name on my monitor. I'm on a lousy spare coz my kat dfid the lousiest thing it could do on my 17". A real bummer.

Anyways - thanks to the large text on your image, its ANDES font, distorted in Corel Draw looks like. I'ld love to help but given the condition of what I see in front of me, i't no way I can do graphics on this sad sack.


Her's the file if you need it.

STUUUU- are you still open to come over dressed sa a cat?

Them again....... here you go..... at the expence of getting cross-eyed .:rofl: .:rofl: .

One is a Corel Draw file. If you use corel, It's version 9 and in 2 layers. 1 - vector, 2 - your image. this vector file will print sharp. I can't say much about what my s.s. monitor's display right now. If don't use corel draw, give this file to whoever made your first one. He'll know what to do.

The other is an exported tif. which I converted to psd. the print will be okay.

It may not be a perfect match, but its the best I could do for now.

Hope this helps. If not - HOLLER.

ha ha ha your great Vee - the effort you put in is terrific :perfect:
Hey thanks so much vee!!! That really helps me so much! I really wish I had found you guys before I spent countless hours on this[doh] Sorry it took me so long to respond to you, unfortunately I don't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to this. And so sorry to hear about your monitor. I have 2 cats and a toddler myself and can relate! I don't have Corel but the photoshop file is great!! Thanks again! You saved the day![excited] And a quick thanks to all of the rest of you who responded and tried to help and all who just welcomed me aboard. Hopefully someday I will understand all of this better to try to help you guys out too!
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