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Pool Water Texture


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With PS I don't know that you can do this easily. With Premiere or After Effects (or another video compositing software), you probably could.
Create a new Solid layer. Search in the Effects library for Fractal Noise or Turbulent Noise and apply it to the solid. Experiment with different options for the Type and Preset (I think it is Clouds by default, which is probably not what you want). Change the seed to a random value. Adjust the colours to slightly different shades of blue. Play with the Size and other properties. Add a Posterise effect to limit it to three or four colours, and then add a slight blur.
If you want, you can duplicate the layer, change the seed to any other value (but leave everything else the same), and reduce the opacity to 50%.
I do not have AE or Premiere (or even PS for that matter), so I am just going off what I have seen on YouTube and what I have done in HitFilm Pro. There may be some differences between them which I am not aware of (There are also differences which I do know of, which I have already accounted for, such as the fact that Solids in HFP are called "Planes"), but the process should be relatively similar regardless of what software you are using.