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Portrait with smoke

Hello, I need advice. I a photo where the girl was vaping and e-cig created a smoke cloud. The photo looked promotional, but the photo was processed like a 3d effect and this cloud ... I loved it so much.

Now I want to make something like that, for myself, I don't want it to be a promotional photo. And there is a problem I have no e-cig for the fume production)))maybe you know how to make the same effect on the photo using Photoshop and it looks like a cloud of real smoke. Thank you!


Staff member
Hello and welcome.

There is no 3D effect in the image. It's just a photo of a girl smoking an e-sig.

Google images is your friend. If your not willing to just take a photo of someone smokinging an e-sig, and you want to try it the hard way using Photoshop, then use these to make the smoke in your image.



If your not familiar of how to use Photoshop to add smoke to your image then check YouTube for information on Ps techniques: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Photoshop+smoke+clouds

That's all we can tell you until you run into particular problems. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.