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Printing t-shirts


Hi all:

I have a few designs that I would like to print on t-shrts. I've already done a one-off with an online company but wasn't happy with the quality.
Have so far checked out Custom Ink and also Printify for quantity.

Any experience that you have please let me know. I'm primarily looking for one-offs for now and trying to find a dependable manufacturer.

Thanks for all help and guidance you may offer!

- Jeff
I have a friend who prints many custom tees with "off color" political themes.....:shocked:

I asked him and he says he uses Vistaprint.

Who was this?

The printer I used was Cafe Press. I went with a basic shirt but the material was stiff ven though 100% cotton. Printing was OK but to upgrade the material it starts getting very pricey. Took a look at Vistaprint - I've printed some promo items with them before. They're low on shirt inventory rieght now so real limited on available colors.

So many offers out there - trying to stick with recommendations...