Problem extending timeline

Im trying to extend my timeline by a few seconds as the video stops just at the bottom right of the screen. When I go to the final comp compositions and extend the timeline it does so, however all the comps dont move with it. When I move the mouse over the end of the internal comps a small 2 headed arrow appears, but wont let me drap the comps to the end of the new timeline. Any fixes?
Sounds like a glitch problem. take some screen shots and let me see, I'm not totally sure what you are trying to ask. Maybe go through all of the comp's "Composition settings" and extend the time through there. hope this helps.
if you mean that you can't extend the precomp although you have extended the timeline, you can't extend it because the precomp is a specific length just as this precomp is (the one you've extended). so open up that precomp that you're trying to extend and go to composition settings and extend it by timing in a new length....

if you knew all this, however, i've just made a fool of myself and i shall crawl back where from i came.