Problem using "Horizontal Type Tool" ( CS2 )


A really strange problem have come up while using my Photoshop CS2..
One day I decided to put som Text into a picture I had been editing. I used the "Type tool", didn't do any strange settings at all, and afterwords. When I was going to type in some other pictures I couldn't see the text I was typing!
What can be wrong?

I can see on the textlayer that comes up that the typing is there. But it doesn't show up on the picture :S

I have a normal size on the lettering, good color (so you don't think that I'm writing with white on white) and I can't really see What I've done wrong.

Please help me!

From yesterday, after three years using CS2, I have the same problem.
Besides that, I've tried to create a second "invisible" text layer but I couldn't, the new text was added to the first and unique layer (not on the picture as you said, only in the layer window)
Grateful for any help, please.