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Problems with Opening Images Saved from PSG


This has now happened two times in a row when I try to work on an image that somebody has posted. As I've done successfully a thousand times before, I right-click on the image in the PSG forum and select Save As, and then I save it to my computer to work on it. But then, when I go to open the image in Photoshop, I get this message here and the image won't open.

Error Code.jpg

This has happened with posts from Kay_Ade today and from Icdp_lover yesterday. Is there anything special about the images they posted where the file is somehow not a jpeg? After I select Save As, I do not make any further changes to the file. I simply select Save As, choose a folder on my computer, and hit OK.

Hey Rich, I just downloaded (just as you describe) and opened both of the images you mentioned (in Ps) without problems. However, I've had this happen before when no one else is having a problem. For me I just open the image in Preview (MacOS) and save as a jpg. This usually cures the problem.
Ok, thanks. It has happened to me intermittently in the past, but twice in a row yesterday and today seemed a bit much.