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Specific Remove Bounce house


New Member
This is a large object in the background. Hoping to get the track, wall/ivy, net and bleachers extended and fill in where the bounce house is removed.

There was a lot of distortion on the faces of the people in the background...not much for me to repair there...but bounced the castle out of the house...

bounced house.jpg
Hi @Ksams098
I bet a forum member could achieve better results if you provided the original image without any prior adjustments. The image you provided has some distortion or extra sharpening or something as even the close person in the picture looks modified as shown below.
Just a suggestion
John Wheeler

@kabak - there's another girl partially hidden behind her...you can see bits of her head and part of her other foot. Pretty well hidden. I made the same error - amost hit the post button when I saw it on my own image.