Removing someone from a picture

I have removed a person from the end of a group of people before and although I forget how I did it, I want somone who really knows the ins and outs of photoshop to help or try to remove someone squatting down in the front of people in a photo. Does anyone know of a way this can be done. I didn't know if it was possible to replace something else in the place where the person was, or a way to blend the colors of what was in the picture behind the person. Thanks for any help anyone may have !
What version of PS do you own ? CS5...CS6 both have content aware fill....will help.
It can be done in Elements, not as easy though. You need to cut out person and add (fill)in the space using clone tool or..Sorta hard to guess at your image.
I just copied it and saved it. Thanks so much, Paul. I will go in and try to do what you did. BUT, you are an expert. I don't think mine would have been like this! Great job.
The original girls legs and feet were removed, she was bending down. I think you mean the sneaker type shoe that looks like it has some blue on the top of it. I think that is extra. the girl standing bending just a little has brown pants on and I think you can see her feet under the table? I think. That may be an extra foot in there.
this person, Chris, says there are legs there now with no person above it. I think he/she means the foot behind where the removed person was. There is a leg with a blue/white sneaker type shoe which doesn't belong to anybody? I think that is what they meant. The girl bending over a little bit has legs under the table now, (brown maybe) I think the shoe to the left of that doesn't belong to anyone in the picture.


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Yeah i cloned it from other side, my bad the guy is facing opposite way to inserted shoe.
So, do you have to have another shoe in the picture that would fit the guy in the back facing the right way to fix the picture? What if there isn't anything in the picture to copy? I didn't really notice that at first. I was just glad the girl in the front is removed, she didn't go to school with these kids -that's why we wanted to remove her if possible.