Replacing areas of information

Hey guys,

Here is the problem I have. I am going to try and explain as best as possible whats happening to my page.
Ok to start I have a HTML page set-up with all my links. About 5 links covers the whole page area as the text is quite big. Then when a link is clicked the text animates and runs off the page with some jQuery. After a link is clicked I want to load the new info in the area created by the text that slides away. At this stage it puts all the new data below the links as would any normal webpage. but I want it in the same area as the links. so....
Here are some suggestions that I thought could work but not sure a) How to do it or b) if it's a smart/best way to do it.
1) Have the pages all layered with opacity set to 0 and when a link is clicked bring the opacity for the right info up to 100%. (Probable crap cause pages loads all data in one go. )
2) Have the text off screen then animate it in when the link is clicked. (Same problem as above)
3) Have the link open after all animations have been completed. Could work but then it kinda renders the animations useless.
4) Create an Iframe space that opens data when animations are finished.
Ideally) Data gets loaded onto the page after all animations are complete. Kinda like 1) but nothing will be loaded until called upon.

So if anyone has some suggestions on what i can do I would really appreciate it.