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[Request] Help please

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I dunno......

Why does the nose seem photo shopped already?...... :confused:


No trolling now, Mike..... :rofl:

Hello, I apologize if this is a double post, but my last one did not show up.
I've photoshopped a few things in this picture, but I need help with my nose if anyone is able and willing. I would very much appreciate it.

Andrew View attachment 43979


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But, I'm ugly lol..

Andrew, Photoshopping will not change your basic beauty. I think you look great. I'm a woman who appreciates men and I find you very attractive.

A face with some character is a good thing. I don't like my nose much, and I've had both the money and time to fix it, but I think it's supposed to be what it is. You can always have plastic surgery you know.

Thing is, your bone structure dictates what should be there and changing it will make a different nose not really fit. But that doesn't stop some people. The other thing is, if you are using a PS'd picture for a dating site - for instance - the date will eventually see the real you. Is it too late then? LOL, I don't think so! If a girl really cares, there won't be a second date. Be what you are and celebrate it. I still think you're a handsome guy and your nose is no detraction.

And not to be snarky, OK maybe a little, but maybe you need a little psychotherapy to help you love yourself more. Just saying. Take it easy on yourself and love what god gave you.

PS: I don't think sprucemagoo's version makes you look too yellow. Your own posted pic is very washed out and needed some color and contrast.


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nose.jpg I removed you comment as it was vile and in no way allowed here good bye.
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