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Specific Request: THE INCREDIBLE HULK 1982 CARTOON- enhanced


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As a Kid, I LOVED the 1982 Incredible Hulk cartoon. And always love how the art style was.
So I was wondering if someone had the ability to polish up, and enhance this old hulk image that I have?
Can someone Smooth out the lines, fix the shading, and color, polish the image, up-rez it maybe?, add some extra little details? like I said make it look a bit more polished if that is possible? The face in almost perfect, but could be better looking.
And if this is not the place for me to request this type of thing, may someone be able to direct me to somewhere that can?
A massive thank you to ANYONE who might be able to do this for me!!Incredible Hulk '82 carToon -  PNG.png


here are some other images that might be able to help someone out.