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Rules for PSG Freelancers (Designers please read before posting)

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The PhotoshopGurus Freelance section exists to give members an opportunity to earn a bit of income through the use of their Photoshop skills and at the same time, enable members to expand their design portfolio while helping real world clients.

PhotoshopGurus.com will do it's best to facilitate these transactions, but is in no way responsible for the outcome of transactions that take place in or outside this forum.

We request that you read, understand and adhere to our rules in order for you and prospective clients to enjoy a stress-free and productive forum experience as well as to ensure that this section may continue to offer your talents and services to future visitors.

Rules for Freelancers
  • The design process may be private if the buyer wishes.
  • You must post a reply of interest to the original buyers thread if privacy is desired.
  • If images are posted by the buyer in the thread, no reply of interest is needed and watermarked designs should be posted to the thread - open for the buyer to view submissions, give comments or suggestions of alteration and make final choice of design.
  • Details of any offer may be kept private, or posted in the thread.
  • Do not instigate or get involved in pricing discussions between other members. Discuss any price issues you have directly with the buyer. Such discussions will be deleted.
  • If you are not satisfied with the terms set forth by the Buyer, politely decline the offer and do not participate in the thread.
  • Member to member suggestions are allowed but please refrain from modifying someone's design submission.

  • All submitted images must be watermarked for public viewing.
  • Watermarks will be a clearly visible grid pattern that completely covers the entire edited image. This grid pattern should be adjusted in size so that the edited area is rendered unusable and the watermark can not be edited out.

Deadlines & Communication
  • Freelancers should make every attempt to deliver the work in the agreed upon timeframe. Sometimes meeting the deadline is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, that is ok so long as you maintain communication with the buyer and keep them updated as to the status of the project.
  • Failure to complete jobs and failure to communicate with the client may result in a disabling of your account or ability to post in this forum section.

Problems or Disputes
  • Please make sure you have been paid before delivering your finished image.
  • If a problem arises, try to resolve this with the OP and be professional at all times.
  • If you have any issues you can't resolve, contact our staff.

After the Job
  • Please post in the job thread when work is completed.
  • When the transaction is completed you can request the client to leave a review of your work in the Freelancer Reviews thread. This will encourage other buyers to choose you as a freelancer and helps the community know you are dependable.
  • Please ask the client to let a moderator or admin know that the job has been completed for closure of thread. You can also inform us in the thread or via PM.
  • Good Luck and Happy Photoshopping!
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