Save for web - with links - as a signature for use on another sites forums.


[FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I have recently made an image with Photoshop containing sliced images linking to various websites, I have saved this for the web. And have no problem accessing it there and using the links. However what I need to know is how I can upload it to a site such as image-shack for instance, to then be used as a forum sig whilst keeping the links in it. I really have no idea how to do this, I have tried saving the image from the web but of course, this only gives me a small white image, and not my actual image.
Hopefully this is possible or maybe there is another way to do this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Slice your image up into whatever you want, for separate links etc then add the images to form a complete image on the forum via your signature settings console. The within the signature settings bit, add the links to the images.

a.png b.png

You should be able to quote this reply and see how it works. Apocalypse above points to this website, Graphics points to You-tube.

Add each section of the image with a link to wherever you want to point it to.

Hope this makes sense :lol: