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Select, Delete ect...



Is there a way I can delete more than one layer at a time? I want to group 2-3 layers and delete them at once cos it can be annoying if you have 6 or 7 layers to delete.

Also, I realise, when you "Control +Click" select a layer's transparency, photoshop don't select everything, but leaves 'chunks' out....Is there a way to fix this?
You can merge a layer with the one directly beneath it using Ctrl/Cmd + E

Move the layers till the 6/7 you want deleting are all beneath eachother, then Ctrl + E them all together. And delete :)

Alternatively, you could just turn off the "eye" on ones you want to keep, then Merge Visible, and delete that :)

I hope this is right ;)
Yup, good advice Hwulex.

But you could make that chore even simpler if you want to... just LINK all of the layers you want to delete, make sure one of those is activated, then press Ctrl+E to merge them together. Then just drag the one layer to the bin.

Just be sure that no layers you want to keep are linked to the others, before you merge them. [excited]
if your using PS6 or 7, then you can also do delete multiple layers like this.

1. Link layers (as above)
2. CTRL--ALT--Click the 'trash can' icon. (no warning message given!)
or CTRL--Click the 'trash can' icon. (with warning message given)

(this does not appear to work in PS5.5 and below so must have been added in PS6)

When you start out, you tend to go bananas with all this 'layer' stuff and create too many.
Key words for me to remember:

Merge Visible , linking and control/alt

Those tips are very handy, thanx guys.