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Selection Tool issue

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I´m having a bit of difficulty with the selection tool.

In short, the magic wand and the quick selection tool both do the same thing - they select the entire image, and not just the white circle that I want.

The lasso-tool works, sort of, but I can´t be using a tool like that for 1.000s of operations.

Thoughts ?

Hi @AudunNilsen

In the tool option bar at top of your document, click the checkbox “sample all Layers”

Otherwise you need to select and make active the Layer in the Layers Panel that has the pixels you want to select

Hope that helps
John Wheeler
and not just the white circle that I want.

Also remember, if you are just trying to select the white ring, the tool will also select any similar pixels connected with it........such as the W, unless the white ring is on it's own layer.

That solved that step of the way. However, I´m not quite there yet.


What I want to be doing is of course to change icons and pictures on small "tabs".

I know now how to clear the circle, but I would also like to:

1) Create a selection-circle of the same size as in one picture, and transpose that onto a different canvas, so that I can make a similar sized circle on a different background.

On the image I inserted, I tried to make a layer of this selection, in the hope that I could ctrl-v that onto a picture, and have just the circle visible. It says the selected area is empty, so no layer can be made..

I then tried to inverse the selection, so that it´s just wrapped around the circle, but it said again that the selected area was empty..! I see that there is some "air" around the edges.. Don´t know if that has anything to do with it..

2) Resize a new picture to a similar size of an original canvas that I want to copy over, so that the proportions are correct, regardless of difference in resolution.

I seem to remember "free transform" from an earlier version. Know about "canvas size", but it´s very annoying having to go in there and make incremental changes.

Thanks, again!
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