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Specific (Should be) A straight froward background blur!

Stu G

New Member
Hi Gurus,
I'm asking for help!! I consider myself to be pretty handy at all things tech, but I'm RUBBISH at Photoshop and this is giving me a headache trying!

All I'm trying to do is blur the background behind the motorcycle, ( Leaving the bike and the floor it is on in focus ) in the attached picture so that the bike can be seen clearly rather than it getting lost with the white car behind.

I've tried using apps on my phone and downloading various programs on my PC, but I'm giving myself a headache trying to get even a half decent result!
Hopefully someone has the skills to help!

Thanks in advance.


New bike 1.jpg

Stu G

New Member
Wow!!!! That's awesome. Thank you!!
I didn't even think about trying to do in between the wheels.
You'd have laughed if you'd seen my effort.
Very impressive, thanks again!