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Read This First [Show Your Work] Section Guidelines

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Graphic Design Showroom

Guidelines for This Section

This section is for posting images of your graphic design work done in Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D programs, or other graphic design apps. This is to show off your image creation skills.

It is meant to be fun and we want everyone to be comfortable posting their images here. Please be respectful, polite, and constructive.

You are welcome to post Work in Progress (WIP) shots here and ask for feedback in addition to completed work.

Most artists here prefer to receive helpful critiques of their work. If you do not wish to have your work critiqued, please state that in your post. Otherwise, it will be assumed that you are open to constructive critique and suggestions for improvement.

Images must be posted with your request. Upload images directly to your request thread. You may use an offsite image host if images are too large to be uploaded.

You can upload images up to 5000px x 3500px. Maximum file size of 32000kb (32mb) or less.

This is not the place to post Photoshop questions or ask for help without posting images of your work. For questions, please use the General Photoshop forum.

The above rules apply to this section of the forum only, general Site Rules can be found here.
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