Six month Progress PS

There's a old saying.... careful what you wish for..Recently I was bored and looking for more practice work. Well a complete turn around has occurred from my local county history FB site in Georgia and loving every single picture as I colorise them. All range 70 years and upwards ...more practice than I can ever want for... Think I'm doing ok for 6 months study and practice...keep all the tips coming as they are coming into good use .
A example of a few pieces recently completed


Revised Edition sept 5, 1935.jpg


G.M & Wilma Lee Robbins Smith.jpg

dover hotel 1939.jpg

old dover hotel.jpg


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Nice work and progress :thumbsup:

Great work on the first one, maybe i will tried to fill the holes of the tree with the blue of the sky.

The second is my less favorite, the blur around the characters dont make sense and take to much attention and have to much brightness, the skin needs more colour.

The third is a good job, the sky colour a little odd and the white (columns) is to bright and clean for the type of house, location, etc.

The fourth one, i like the skin , the eyes to much sharpening compared with the rest and too much blur on the background maybe.

I agree with Argos.

You have created great work that I really like very much.

Nevertheless, one has to respect an important principle when coloring and restoring pictures.
Old photos have a smaller contrast range than new photos.
So, do not make the highlights too light, and the shadows not too dark.
The same principle applies to the colors. Do not use too strong or bright colors. And always multiply the corresponding layer. Reduce the opacity if necessary.

I am looking forward to see more work from you.

Regards Chris

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