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  1. Inkz

    CS:GO Mascot Logo Design

    Here's a mascot logo I recently developed for some gaming friends.
  2. T

    Aloha! Looking for an edit to memorialize my recently deceased mother

    Hello! :-D Could someone please make this a solo portrait w the bar in the background? Can you Whiten her teeth a bit and remove the diamond ring on the ring finger. THaNK YoU!
  3. Pipsmom

    Six month Progress PS

    There's a old saying.... careful what you wish for..Recently I was bored and looking for more practice work. Well a complete turn around has occurred from my local county history FB site in Georgia and loving every single picture as I colorise them. All range 70 years and upwards ...more...
  4. agentmoeller

    Pit bull mutt

    Cartoon of a friend's dog who recently passed. Painted in Procreate, caption and background in Ps.
  5. L

    Recently passed away dog

    i have this photo of my parents rotties romy and rolo that i absolutely love however i hate the background... and recently the rottie on the left (romy) had complications in her lower back so she had to be put down.. i would like to get this photo on canvas as a reminder of the awesome duo they...
  6. A

    Hello my name is Aki

    Hi everyone. I've been using Photoshop for years to paint scanned drawings. Recently though I'm dabbling in photo manipulation. Would appreciate all the help and advice I can get! :)
  7. U

    CS 8 recently quitting in Snow Leopard

    Dear All Anyone else out there having this problem. Up to now everything had been running smoothly and then suddenly...... we get the "quits suddenly" straight after opening. Running on Snow Leopard. - For info no new fonts or filters or any other add ons introduced recently so isn't a new...
  8. agentmoeller

    Hand Study

    Put this on Deviant Art recently. Just some doodles to practice cartooning.
  9. IamSam

    Freelance Job Requests will now be moderated

    Just a quick announcement. New threads in the Freelance Area will now be automatically moderated and subject to approval by PSG staff. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, when a thread is placed in moderation it will not be publicly visible to the forum until approved by one of...
  10. M

    how to do this paint affect

    I recently saw this online and i would like to know how to make this affect for my own logos and other projects?
  11. S

    Poster Design

    Hello all, been a few years since my last post, must say loving the new forum looks! Here is a poster I designed recently to frame for my bedroom, feeback appreciated! :)
  12. A

    Hello Everyone - Image Manipulation

    The title is a jock. I am a new Lerner in Image Manipulation. I love manipulation. Expecting to learn many things form here. I recently make a manipulation. Hope everyone will like it.
  13. A

    ADD YOUR PHOTO HERE! How do to that?

    Hi All I have recently purchased this Now the template says add your image here, but when i double click nothing happens! Can someone please tell me how i can add an image in that area...
  14. E

    Hello! Learning more and more everday...

    Hello good people of PS Gurus Forum! My name is Elizabeth and while I'm not new to the world of PS, I'm new to this fantastic forum. Along with the fact that I have recently realised just how complex Photoshop is. I've been using it for shameless entertainment since I was about 12 but only...
  15. T


    Hi I'm Graham from England and been a hobbiest photographer for more years than I care to remember both on film and more recently digital
  16. Z

    M24 Sniper Rifle Model

    So I recently tasked myself with making an M24 for a group I work with. I wanted to expand my horizons out a bit, I'm so used to organic modelling that I wanted to dive into something slightly out of my depth. so I present to you my second weapon project: high poly- no texture(bipod is...
  17. IamSam

    Your opinion of Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.3

    I'm not one for upgrades. When an OS is working well with the hardware you currently have, upgrading can often be a disaster. I have recently been considering a video editing program to help me with creating video tutorials. The program I want requires Mac OS 10.9 or better............. Mac OS...
  18. P


    Hi I just started using Photoshop recently. I hope you guys can help me out with some questions I have Thank
  19. thelastlokean

    Hello, I'm new to photoshop!

    I've always steered clear of photoshop and digital imaging in general, but just recently got into it. I've owned CS6 for about 3 months, and I regret not taking the plunge earlier! I recently got into photo printing with inkjets and that is where it all began. I've managed to calibrate and...
  20. C

    New here! a couple of before and after photos!

    Hello everyone! I am new here and this will be my first post! I love drawing and coloring, and recently i've decided i wanted to try to photoshop a couple.